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Our goal is to cultivate a community of employer brand influencers and thought leaders. We engage with #generosity and #transparency. Whether you are a client, competitor or an enthusiast, we welcome you to explore and take what you need from our content & strategy.


Building a Human-Centric Post-Pandemic Employer Brand Strategy

Putting talent and employees at the centre of your attraction and retention efforts. Click the image to access the resource.

E-book - Post-Pandemic EVP Strategy.png

eBook: Humanize Employer Brand

5 key phrases that will revolutionize your employer brand and create stronger connections in 2022. Click the image to access the resource.

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Guide: Measuring Employer Brand Health

Successful employer brand health measurement means being able to measure the employer brand health metrics that matter, track employer brand health over time, and contextualize employer brand health strengths and weaknesses to adjust strategy. Click the image to access the resource.

E-Book Measuring Employer Brand Health.png

White Paper: The New World Employer Brand

This is a white paper for anyone who is looking for guidance to build a "new world' employer brand. The new world is our workforce, and the infrastructure that exists to support it, at the tail end of a devastating and transformative global pandemic. Click the image to access the resource.

The New World Employer Brand.jpg
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