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You deserve a job
that brings you joy.

Don't waste another second on indecision and insecurity in your search to find your passion.

Whether it's a job, a career or a calling, we believe you can find meaning in every pursuit. Through our work together, you will gain actionable skills so you can network with confidence, set your boundaries with future employers, build your personal brand and seek more from the opportunities that come your way. 

Our coaching program will not only create more proactive outreach from potential employers, it will enable you to ask for what you need and take the next step in your career journey.


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Résumé Writing
Interview Coaching
Personal Branding
How to Network


"Chelsea is nothing short of amazing!! I can't speak highly enough about working with her. Chelsea's advice on my personal brand and career has been invaluable. What really sets Chelsea apart is how genuine she is and how she really took the time to understand me and my dreams. Both for my career and personal brand.


She broke things down in such an approachable manner that turned the daunting ideas I had into more manageable steps for success. Chelsea had great insights on the best way to market myself and the content I create. Honestly, so many moments of success early in my career I can map to the advice she gave me."

—  Chris Bishop, Cybersecurity Professional

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