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Strengthening a Culture of Active Advocates

Program support for employees and leaders to act as advocates, ambassadors and allies.

Group Discussion


We unpack.

Open an honest dialogue about what it means to be a real advocate, on all platforms. Together, we surface misconceptions and fears, and address them in a safe space.


We embolden.

Provide idealogical and tactical guidance to build confidence and foster meaningful collaboration & co-creation throughout the program.

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We strengthen.

Activate individual and group advocacy journey maps, leveraging new technologies to share stories and make an impact.

Drift Advocacy Methodology

A combination of instruction, facilitated dialogue, collaboration activities (like, breakout rooms, surveys and sharing sessions).


The intent of the program is to enable participants to be co-creators in their unique, personalized approach to advocacy, while learning how to create a safe space for others to do the same.

Business Plan

Ask About

  • Personal Brand Training

  • Advocacy Learning Session

  • Talent Magnet Program

  • Leader Coaching

  • Content Creation Support

  • Vocal Allyship in Social Spaces (DE&I Focus)

  • Culture Champions Program

  • New Hire Advocacy

  • Psychological Safety for Advocates (Session)

  • Custom Programs

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Employee advocacy is critical in today's competitive talent market. Candidates trust messaging that comes from employees far more than brand messaging.


Inviting your employees and leaders to be collaborators in the way you share your employer narrative is a powerful way to differentiate and promote transparency and inclusion.

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