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Drift Areas of Practice

At Drift, our approach to culture strategy is 

  • Human-Centric · we build on a foundation of meaningful employee and talent insight.

  • Continuous · our process is highly collaborative, for strategies that are meant to evolve.


At the core of creating an incredible culture and employee experience is a deep understanding of our collective "Why?" Through the work we do at Drift, we always seek to define a clear purpose, from the broadest strategic investment, to the micro-moments in the journey of an employee.

A bundle of sage and an eagle feather are laid out in preparation of a Native American, In

Truth and Reconciliation in our Workplaces

What is good for Indigenous people is good for all people.

In the workplace, Indigenous Peoples are underrepresented, suffer a wage gap, and often experience isolation because of a lack of Indigenous role models at senior levels.


Additionally, they are regularly surrounded by managers, colleagues, and senior executives who do not truly understand their history and cultures or the burdens they carry.


Drift is dedicated to supporting Canadian employers to decolonize people practices and embed more Indigenous culture in our workplaces.

Truth and Reconciliation
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