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Powerful Employer Branding

At Drift, your employer brand is a signature creative identity and associated strategies (ie. segmentation, pipeline building) that enables you to attract the talent you need to propel your organization.

Our approach to employer branding is....

Hipster Hairstyle


We create an approach based on the needs of your future talent.

Modern Office


Representing a transparent view of your unique culture is essential.

Graphic Design Office


It's critical to your future strategy that you show up and stand out.


Core Components of a Drift Employer Brand Strategy

The Employee Value Proposition is the central concept.

The EVP should infuse every piece of the employer brand roadmap. It shapes the vision, informs the creative alignment of your strategy and all of the content and messaging.

Your future talent is the audience.

Your employer brand should be primarily targeted toward the candidates who will be instrumental in shaping the future of your organization.

Great employer brands are diverse and ever-evolving.

Alongside the creative identity, we will build the roadmap that will ensure your employer brand footprint extends and grows in the right directions.

Start the journey toward an employer brand strategy with impact.

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