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Diversity. Equity. Belonging.

You don't need to understand all aspects of an employee's identity. You do need to honour, respect and occasionally defer to them.

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Why do we use belonging, instead of 'inclusion'?

Language is always evolving and it is often an indicator of best practice and leading through. At Drift, we use the term 'belonging' instead of inclusion as it is more about an individual feeling of being safe and supported as opposed to feeling 'included' in a group that has already come together.

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Guiding Principle #1

It's Everyone's Responsibility

Realize the benefits of a diverse workforce by embedding belonging into work practices, and behaviours and ensuring accountability throughout the organization.

People are more than one, singular aspect of their identity. The closer we get to fully celebrating the whole individual and what they bring to the workplace, the more viable, successful and innovative our organizations become. 

Chelsea Howard, Founder, Drift

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A focus on Indigenous workplaces.

In the workplace, Indigenous Peoples are underrepresented, suffer a wage gap, and often experience isolation because of a lack of Indigenous role models at senior levels. Additionally, they are regularly surrounded by managers, colleagues, and senior executives who do not truly understand their history and cultures or the burdens they carry. Drift is dedicated to supporting Canadian employers to decolonize people practices and embed more Indigenous culture in our workplaces.

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