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Conversations with Impact

This is an ongoing, signature Drift event series, designed to bring passionate HR professionals together to discuss the important and topical issues facing our industry, the economy and the workforce. The only catch is - radical transparency and an exploratory mindset are a must. 

Conversations with Impact pack a punch. We get into the real, human issues behind critical trends like intersectionality, return-to-work and the impacts of mass layoffs.


Get ready to disrupt your understanding of what Human Resources brings to the strategy table.

Join us for a Conversation with Impact. The next event will be in Spring 2024.

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Save The Date

May 2023:
Intersectionality at Work

Networking and inspired dialogue for passionate HR industry professionals, with a focus on intersectionality at work.


Our incredible panel explored different dimensions of intersectionality at work through lived experience, with a specific focus on the Indigenous experience. We discussed the term "Intersectionality" and how to make it meaningful through the lens of our unique understanding and experience of the workplace. The event brought together different audiences of professionals and HR decision-makers to connect on the important concepts shaping our workforce and companies.

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November 16, 2023:

Human-Centric Employer Branding

The conversation unpacked what it means to create a truly authentic, human-centric employer brand. Participants will walk away having learned from a collaborative discussion led by an industry expert and thought leader on key topics that bring employer branding from strategy to action.

Our incredible industry thought leader, Meaghan O'Brien - the lead for employer branding at one of Canada's most iconic brands, Canadian Tire Corporation - brought a wealth of insight and knowledge about how to build and evolve and employer brand strategy that puts people at the centre. 

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