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Your Company
Employee Value Proposition.


At Drift, an EVP is a purpose-aligned framework of ideals that act as a blueprint for your employee experience and talent attraction strategy.

Our approach to the EVP is:

Collaborating at Work


We base everything on what we know about your culture, employee experience & vision for the future.

Colleagues Working Together


There are multiple stages of development, each designed to strengthen the impact of the final EVP.

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No stakeholder is left behind. We all have a voice and a role to play.

The Final Deliverable: The Employee Value Proposition Culture Guide 

Once the ideals and overarching employee value proposition are established, it's critical to activate it in culture and employee experience. This begins with integrating the new EVP with existing culture initiatives and creating a comprehensive engagement and communications plan. The EVP activation guide provides a starting point for these key implementation activities.

A great way to get started is to book a no-cost 30 minute discovery session. Let's get going!

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