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Our Approach
Create workplace cultures that make people feel they are capable of extraordinary things.

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What We Do:

Partner with companies who love and respect their people to use human-centric design to create culture, enable employee experience and extend employer brand narratives.

Build a platform and create opportunities for organic, interdisciplinary connection between passionate culture creators, increasing the breadth of knowledge on the human-centric culture & EX.


How we do it:

The cornerstone of the Drift methodology is design thinking (or human-centric design). It is actually a methodology that has been adapted from product development - it puts the user (in this case, the employee and/or the leader) at the heart of the design process. It seeks to deeply understand the employee's needs, behaviours and experiences to create effective solutions that are responsive to their unique needs and challenges.

More on Human-Centric Design

By using design thinking principles, we are able to create value propositions and associated people strategies that connect and communicate your unique workplace culture in a way that inspires your future and current leaders and employees. Another piece of our methodology is our agile approach and continuous improvement mindset. We break our project work into collaborative sprints, and we engage as many collaborators and stakeholders as possible in the development process. It's our contention that no one understands your vision and your company better than your team - we aim to capture as much of that knowledge as possible and integrate it into our design and development process through ongoing collaboration.

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