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Building a Human-Centric Employee Value Proposition

A purpose-aligned framework of ideals that act as a blueprint for your employee experience and talent attraction strategy.

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Your EVP exists within your organization. Our job is to discover what makes it unique to your company and its employees.



Engage with employees at all levels in your company to determine the impact and relevance of the EVP.

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Align your EVP to the business strategy & the strategic roadmap that unifies all your people & culture initiatives.

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Employee Experience (EX)

Streamline and harmonize the employee experience across all key experience drivers and vehicles.

Talent Experience (TX)

Connect with future talent in a way that compels them to explore further.

Employer Reputation & Presence

Establish a presence as an employer that provides purposeful work and a strong culture.

Drift Employer Brand Methodology

Market research, employee focus groups, leader interviews and collaboration with key stakeholders will shape the creation of your EVP.

It is a framework of purposeful ideals that enables you to better harmonize the employee experience and unify your organization.

Working Together on Project

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  • Competitive & Market Analysis

  • Employee Research & Insight Gathering

  • Analysis of Research & Inputs

  • Identification of Key Trends

  • Prioritization of Trends

  • Employee Value Proposition Creation

  • Calibration Workshops & Strategic Integration

  • Activation Roadmap & Implementation Support

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The Employee Value Proposition offers a system to streamline the employee experience across the business. Employee Experience is formed through key initiatives and programs aligned to belonging, wellbeing, connection to purpose, total rewards and more.

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