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Creating and Sustaining a Powerful Employer Brand

A signature creative identity and associated strategies (ie. segmentation, pipeline building) that enables you to attract the talent you need to propel your organization.

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Using culture as cohesion, we work together to establish the brand-aligned employer identity that provides structure for all creative.



Build a set of guidelines to create a consistent, compelling employer brand across platforms with streamlined messaging.

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Launch the employer brand into the workforce, enacting a diversified talent marketing strategy and monitoring impact on pipelines and experience.

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Employee Pride 

Employees feel connected to the organization through the external representations of your culture.

Cost-Effective Hiring

Strong employer brands lead to better hires, faster and stronger retention.

Diverse Pipelines of Purpose-Aligned Talent

Creating meaningful culture messages that connect with talent leads to stronger talent pipelines.

Drift Employer Brand Methodology

Drift leverages an iterative, agile design process. Graphic design and copywriting support is provided to a cross-functional committee from the client and 3-4 rounds of creative iteration are typically required.


Guided collaboration leads to an employer brand that is informed by the organization and the talent market.

Working Together

Ask About

  • Graphic Design

  • Copywriting

  • Facilitated Creative Ideation Sessions

  • Talent Marketing Roadmaps

  • Talent Identity Reports

  • Career Site Project Support

  • Talent Segmentation Strategies

  • Quick-Win Strategies

  • Custom Programs

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It's more critical than ever to take an employee- and talent-centric approach in people & culture strategy. Language and tone is a critical experience lever. Talent wants to connect with future employers on an emotional level. This connection begins with what you say and how you say it on key platforms.

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