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Immersive Learning Experience Designed for

Entrepreneurs (Current or Aspiring), HR Practitioners, Executives

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Gut-Led: Building Your Intuitive Capabilities

Our intuition is an instinctive understanding of what information is important, and what is safe to ignore. A deep connection with intuition enables us to act in stronger accordance with our core values and make decisions that serve our long-term fulfillment. It's an extension of how your memory and cognitive systems function.

It's largely influenced by your life experiences. Being "gut-led" is a hard thing to master and the only way do it is to start. We acquire the knowledge through experimentation. Through taking risks. Trying and failing and trying again. It can be scary, but the moment when it clicks is pure magic.

This learning experience focuses on tapping into the natural intuition that exists within you and engaging in interactive dialogue and exercises to hone your ability to listen and trust your gut. 

Your Educator and Guide

Chelsea Howard has been a self-declared entrepreneur and 'gut-led' since age 13. She is the Founder and Lead Strategist of Drift Consulting and a thought partner for companies, leaders and HR practitioners who are passionate about bringing human-centric design into strategy.


She works with individuals, teams and organizations to create opportunities for organic, interdisciplinary connection between passionate creators, increasing the breadth of knowledge on the human-centric experience across our organizations and within our own lives.

Experience for
Individual Learners

$450 CAD

This immersive learning experience will leverage cognitive science and personal experience to cultivate a deeper understanding of what 'intuition' is and how you can tap into yours to get more comfortable with taking risks, making faster, valued-driven decisions and tapping into your internal compass. 

The program encompasses:

One month of continuous learning, including:

Two (2) 60-Minute Learning Sessions -

Session 1: The Science of Intuition

Session 2: Accessing Your Inner Compass

Two (2) Feedback Exercises - 

Exercise 1: Memorable Moments of Intuition

Exercise 2: Using My New Intuitive Skillset

Program Description

What really sets Chelsea apart is how genuine she is and how she really took the time to understand me and my dreams. Both for my career and personal brand. She broke things down in such an approachable manner that turned the daunting ideas I had into more manageable steps for success. Chelsea had great insights on the best way to market myself and the content I create. Honestly, so many moments of success early in my career I can map to the advice she gave me.

- Cybersecurity Professional

For Team Sessions or more information, please get in touch!

Drift Consutling

Toronto, ON


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