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It has never been more important to define your Employee Value Proposition and to tell your story with genuine authenticity, through multiple channels. Drift is here to to help. 

In creating a workforce strategy for the new global talent marketplace, we need to dismantle existing perceptions about organizational culture. If your company is operating from a system of values and behaviours that were developed before 2015, chances are, they are not reflective of a human-centric approach. And, when it comes to your competition, everyone is looking for talented, driven individuals to join their team. At Drift, we help organizations uncover their differentiated cultural identity and open the door for talent to envision themselves as an integral part of your organization.

Employee Value Propositions

The Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is a set of strategic, purpose-aligned ideals that act as a master plan for your employee & talent experience.

We conduct deep knowledge gathering to put your employee at the centre of all we do. Our signature agile creative approach is our greatest differentiator.


Talent Advocacy

Employee advocacy is critical in today's competitive talent market. Candidates trust messaging that comes from employees far more than brand messaging. We make advocacy a practice, not a program through enabling your existing culture champions and activating talent magnets. 


Inviting your employees and leaders to be collaborators in the way you share your employer narrative is a powerful way to differentiate and promote transparency and inclusion.

Employer Branding

The Employer Brand is a creative identity that expresses your unique culture, utilizing your EVP as the unifying concept. The right employer brand will help you show up and stand out in a market where it is increasingly difficult to do that. 


A Drift Employer Brand strategy encompasses your differentiated creative identity and the internal/external activation roadmaps that enable you to bring your employer brand to life. 

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