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Employer Branding for Tech Talent in a Post-Pandemic Workforce

The global pandemic has led to a digital transformation that has permanently changed the way we live and work. It has also more than doubled the demand for talent that builds and supports the technology that makes this transformation possible. This has created a shortage of skilled tech talent in an expanded competitive landscape that crosses all industries.

With so many opportunities for this talent, companies are struggling to differentiate their value proposition to remain competitive. One of the most common mistakes is taking a one-size-fits-all approach to talent attraction. To attract these sought-after candidates, companies need to develop a tailored attraction strategy that articulates the value proposition for an employee through each stage of the candidate journey.

Know your candidate

This starts with understanding who your ideal tech candidate is, so you can leverage their key motivators to develop a tailored recruitment marketing strategy. Creating a candidate persona (a fictional representation of your ideal candidate) is one way to do this. Start by interviewing high-performing employees currently in the role — they represent a good fit for your business and can help you better understand how to attract and engage with this talent pool.

Differentiate your value proposition

With the competition for this talent at an all-time high, your company needs to know how to stand out from the rest. You do this by digging deep into the distinctive qualities that makes your company special.

Don’t just tell candidates what you can offer - show them. For tech talent, here are some of motivators of employer choice:

  • Flexibility - In a post-pandemic world, this is no longer unique… it’s expected. The key is to understand how you talk about flexibility by understanding what the table stakes are for tech talent. Flexibility doesn’t just reflect where you work, but how you work. Do your employees have any input into their schedules or do you offer flexible time? Does your company provide extra days off for external training or community service? Flexibility often means control – do your employees have control over how and when they work? If so, demonstrate that.

  • Training and Development – Technology is developing so rapidly, it doesn’t take long to become outdated. This talent needs to know they will work for a company that will help them adapt to this change and learn new skills. Does your company offer any certifications? Will employees have the flexibility to take external training courses or conferences? Outside of their role and area, tech talent wants to stay on top of what’s current and growing in importance, like cyber security. So, show them the investment you will continue to make in them.

  • Work With a Purpose –During the pandemic, many employees re-evaluated what they wanted from their lives and careers. Many felt the need to connect to a bigger picture, knowing their work contributed to a greater purpose. Share examples of the work some of your tech teams have produced and what that final result meant to you, your customers or the community at large.

  • Access to Leaders – One of the main attractions of a high-performing tech company is the visibility of management and their willingness to engage directly with employees. Show your potential tech talent that management is accessible and is willing to act with speed and decisiveness. In the fast-moving world of tech, this is the kind of culture they feel will enable them to develop their skills and expertise.

Engage your current employees

While you are strengthening your employer brand to attract more talent, it’s important to remember to keep your current tech workforce engaged and activated. Don’t risk losing the very talent that you are trying to attract. Give them assignments with high visibility internally, access to management, and encourage them to participant in recruitment of future talent by sharing their experiences within their own networks.

Don’t overpromise and under deliver

While there are many ways to evolve your brand and attract this talent, don’t fall into the trap of promising an experience to a candidate you can’t deliver. The key to a strong employer brand is one that is rooted in authenticity. If your aspirations don’t match your current reality – say so. Telling candidates how they can contribute to the growth of your business can be just as valuable, particularly for those who want to be part of building something for a greater purpose.

Remember, it’s important to be transparent – and authentic – about the unique value your company can offer this talent and focus your candidate attraction content on their key areas of interest. Show them how your company offers a culture that supports and develops those that build the innovative technology that is changing the way we work.

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