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Human-Centric Employer Branding and The Role of Technology

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

By: Allison Colin-Thome, Employer Brand & Events, Drift

For the second instalment in the signature event series, Conversations with Impact, we're unpacking what it means to create a truly authentic, human-centric employer brand.

Along with our keynote speaker, we will be joined by thought leader in the space Amit Parmar, CEO and Co-Founder of Cliquify. We recently caught up with Amit to find out more about the Cliquify organisation, and how they're revolutionising the employer brand space.

Here's what he had to say about his platform and the importance of creating a continuous, creative narrative for your employer brand.

Allison: What is the mission of the Cliquify organisation?

Amit: Cliquify is an all-in-one platform to build, activate and measure your employer brand in one single location.

What’s particularly unique about Cliquify is that it leverages employee-generated content and enables the users of the platform to both create and publish this content across multiple channels.

A: How does the Cliquify platform differ from other talent engagement platforms and other tools used to amplify/communicate a company's employer brand?

A: Cliquify stands in a category of its own as there is no other single solution on the market that offers this type of end-to-end solution for employer brand content.

This is not just a platform that drives employer brand, it also supports employee retention by providing an environment where companies can enable their employees to become brand advocates through creating and sharing content reflective of the company culture they want to celebrate both internally and externally.

In addition to being the first to create this end-to-end solution for employer brand content, Cliquify is also an early adopter of open AI, leveraging Tamed AI, meaning we have large language models that are specific to the brand voice of each of our clients. By leveraging these models, we are reducing the time it takes employers to create and publish brand employer brand marketing content by more than 50%.

A: When it comes to an organisation's employer brand, do you think there has been a shift over the years in how this is communicated externally? Why or why not?

A: The premise behind building Cliquify was the fact that studies prove candidates trust genuine branded content shared by employees 3X more than expensive sponsored or paid advertising. Recruiters, hiring managers, and employees are a company’s best advocates to drive relevant traffic to their career site and jobs.

The best talent comes from social network referrals of hiring leaders, and employees who shared great stories and content about their workplace.

A: What do you think is the executive leadership's responsibility in crafting an employer brand, versus the employee's?

A: Leadership buy-in and engagement is critical to creating a strong employer brand. First and foremost, leaders set the tone for the culture of any organisation, which directly impacts the way employees feel and talk about the experiences they have working there. Potential candidates are most strongly influenced by what they hear from current employees, so the tone leadership sets for the corporate culture is critical.

While candidates are most attracted to a potential organisation because of its reputation, they often leave because, in their mind, leadership didn't live up to their expectations, so ensuring leaders "walk the talk" is just as critical as the external reputation.

A: What do you think it takes to achieve a truly human-centric employer brand?

A: To create and maintain a truly human-centric employer brand, you must first listen to current and potential talent. You need to ensure you know who your talent is and what they need from the organisation in order to attract and retain top talent.

Once you know what your target talent needs and develop a plan for activation, it's important to remember the listening stage will continue. The needs talent will have will continue to evolve and to be successful, your employer brand will need to evolve with them.

A: In your experience, what are some of the challenges faced in bringing an employer brand from strategy to action, and how can these be avoided and/or overcome?

A: There could be a number of potential challenges to bringing an employer brand to life. One of the challenges is in measuring its effectiveness and adjusting the strategy, as needed, to ensure it's reaching your top talent while engaging current employees to be brand ambassadors.

This is where a platform, like Cliquify, is so critical to this process because you can not only immediately leverage real-time data to understand the type of content that is resonating most with your audience, you can also engage employees to both learn more about their own business culture through curated content, you can leverage them as your brand ambassadors to evangelize this content across their own networks.


To learn more about the Cliquify platform be sure to grab your tickets for the second Conversations with Impact here.

Visit the Cliquify platform to learn more here.

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