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Re-Skill, Up-Skill, Share, Repeat: Employer Branding for the Agile Worker

In 2022, employers will attune employer brand strategy to talent identity. Passions, goals and personal perception of impact will become guideposts for candidate and employee engagement and communication.

A Focus on the Agile Worker

The agile workforce is characterized by talent that is creative, collaborative, goal-oriented and inherently experimental in mindset. Companies that are looking to engage these workers and bring people, processes and technologies together to find the best ways of working will need to re-imagine their employer brand strategy, informed by deeper knowledge of their target talent. Robust talent identity mapping (think "talent personas 2.0") will include insights beyond workers' previous experience, certifications and hobbies and delve into causes they care about, passions they want to explore and flexible working models that allow them to perform at their best.

Re-Skill, Up-Skill, Share, Repeat

Companies are creating space for their employees to explore learning in new ways. The pandemic has accelerated so much transformation;"emerging" and "evolving" skillsets are rapidly becoming table stakes, especially in AI and automation. Digital learning solutions, gamification and micro-learning curricula are all part of the new suite of enhanced learning solutions, post-pandemic. Organizations that invest meaningfully in their employees' ongoing learning are also doing the critical work to re-imagine their EVP's to include a stronger focus on talent mobility and new, exciting approaches to L&D.

Share Talent, Share Success

Employer brand strategy has historically been external-facing, for the most part. This year will see companies turning recruitment marketing inward and seek to identify undiscovered talent within their own organizations. Internal talent mobility will become core focus area of attraction strategy, with proactive outreach and incentives becoming more prevalent.

This coming year, employer brand strategy will pivot toward the agile workforce. Creative tactics will centre upon agility, adaptability and the willingness to learn. Companies will adopt EVP positioning that speaks to support for ongoing learning & re-skilling within the organization. Investment in personal growth will become a core differentiator. For the first time, internal employer branding will become a dual-focus. Employers will create talent marketplaces and engage employees in active recruitment from the inside.

Alignment to Global Workforce Trend

A renaissance of new skills and passions is one of the results of the pandemic. Workers are now seeking environments where they can explore new skillsets and capabilities and be called upon to adapt. 60% of workers in this year’s Voice of the European Workforce study identifying “capacity to adapt” as the most relevant skill they will need to thrive in the labor market.

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