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We Asked 5 Experts, "What is the Biggest Secret Weapon in Post-Pandemic Employer Branding?"

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Globally, there is an incredible, growing community of employer brand strategists. Passionate leaders all over the world have a lot to say about the concepts and ideas that will lead employer branding as we move into a post-pandemic working world.

We asked six employer brand thought leaders to weigh in on employer branding 'secret weapons' and received some amazing, rich responses that can help act as a blueprint for your 2022 strategy and beyond. One theme that emerged loud and clear - finding the human voice of your employer brand and communicating with transparency and authenticity is no longer optional. Talent's expectations have fundamentally shifted toward the social enterprise. Now, organizations need to show how they support their employees' holistic wellbeing and demonstrate how they invest in previously ephemeral concepts like 'growth' and 'inclusion'.

So, from Toronto to California all the way to the United Kingdom, here is Drift's roundup of the best employer brand secret weapons for 2022 and beyond.

Finding the intersection between authenticity and aspiration in your employer branding.

Sandra Wrycraft, Strategist/Consultant/Coach at find inc.

Toronto, Ontario

"The post-pandemic employer brand space has become incredibly noisy with buzzwords and themes that are changing the future of work. An organization’s biggest secret weapon is to not jump on the soundbite wagon, but truly and accurately reflect the values of their culture, unique attributes of work and lifestyle and most importantly, be able to articulate the excitement for their future. This will inspire like-minded prospects to opt into a workplace where they can develop and grow because they feel valued and connected."

Empowering employee voice and taking advocacy from a program to a practice.

Emma Heerah, Global Head of Employer Brand at Kantar

London, United Kingdom

"The power of the employee voice and network can not rivalled. Trust and authenticity are key ingredients for a great employer brand."

Creating talent experiences based on what we know about the workforce of the future.

Ashley Mayhew, Account Director - Large Enterprise at LinkedIn

Toronto, Ontario

"The secret weapon will be a distinct and authentic talent brand. One that is recognized for injecting fun into a phy-gical workspace, one that represents human-centric programs and policies, that are designed for an agile workforce. To accomplish this in the future it requires two things. An HR teams that collaborate on talent strategy, think outside of the box we lived in once before and re-design the employee experience as we know it. Also, will need leaders who are brave enough to let HR push boundaries unlike ever before and even encourage it.”

Liz Du, Employer Brand Consultant & Former Director of Employer Brand at Service Now Santa Clara, California, USA

"I believe the secret weapon for employers in the post-pandemic world is authenticity. Gone are the days when companies can say what candidates want to hear and behave in a different way. People will demand to see complete honesty and transparency in a company’s EVP, culture and purpose; and that needs to extend across the full talent journey, from candidate to employee. Only those employers who fully embrace this will be truly successful in attracting great talent."

Showcasing empathy to create a sincere perspective on psychological safety at your organization.

Simon Andrew, Director at Me[plural]

Southhampton, United Kingdom

"Empathy is the new employer branding super power. In 2022, it's not only cool to be nice, it's essential."


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